We want to contribute to the development of quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient transport systems that support economic development and social welfare and are accessible to all in an equitable and cost-effective manner.

We intend to ensure safe, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all. We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impact of cities, with a focus on air quality.

We aim to facilitate the development of sustainable and resilient mobility services also in developing countries through technical and technological support.

We promote the use of the most innovative technologies and the most advanced methods to deliver high-value results.


UNEEDIT was born in 2020 from a common vision of sustainable mobility and transport development of three colleagues. Thanks to the collaboration with FRED Engineering, a project was launched to provide specialised services in both developing and high-income countries. The collaboration between UNEEDIT and FRED Engineering will thus lead to the creation of MAIA – Mobility & Innovation Alliance, our incubator aimed at making the mobility of the future safe, accessible and sustainable. MAIA now has more than 20 active employees in its offices in Rome and Almeria, as well as a network of consultants who are experts in multiple topics related to transport and mobility.

We are currently involved in consultancy and applied research projects both in Global South countries and in Europe.